The Principles of Dynamic Manifestation As Received Through the Akashic Records

The Principles of Dynamic Manifestation As Received Through the Akashic Records
Live from the Supernal Heart of Your Soul

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

ARCI 2021 Conference March 19 - 22, 2021



Conference dates are:

Pre Conference March 19th, 2021 

Conference March 20 - 21, 2021 

Continuing Education March 22, 2021 

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Saturday, January 30, 2021


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Dynamic Manifestation - Akashic Records

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Learn to Create from the Light

My beloved teacher, Mary Dean Parker, National Founder of Akashic Record Consultants International, (which in now Akashic Records Consultants International LLC) wrote a booklet called  A New Beginning from an Ancient Source, My Journey into the Akashic Record
in 2001. Here is a brief excerpt which is extremely appropriate at this time when fear might have made inroads into our awareness.

"He was startled by a single touch on his arm.  The woman had moved closer.  'You must release all your fear.  It is of the darkness, not of you.  Remember the sun and its light as we came here.  Everything is as it was in the light,' said the woman."

"Nothing has changed here," she continued.   "You are a creator and you created fear.  Learn to create from the Light.  Do not allow your creations to add to the darkness in our world.  Remember!  Always create from the Light and then all that exists around you will dwell in Light."

Monday, January 13, 2020

The Fountain of Internal Wealth Revisited

At the beginning of this New Year, 2020, clients seemed to suddenly be interested in "Declarations-The Script of Creation."  This is in Chapter 7, Principle 29 starting on page 63 of my book.

Before revisiting the highlights of this chapter, I want to wish Happy New Year to all.  No matter how it appears, on the mystical side, our world is being illumined by a new union with Divine and Holy Light.  Soon this Light will be a denser, more palpable reality as our inner senses attune to the highest of spiritual hues, colors of the most high reality.  On the surface only it may appear bleak, but this is up to be cleared through Divine Destined Grace. The vision of this is first experienced through the innermost supernal heart which can become known to you at any moment, in any breath.
On that note, I will move into the chapter.
"Manifesting from the rays of the supernal heart feels miraculous and life abounds with treasure.  It may be the way of holy ones through the ages before us that is a recognizable constant state for us.  For many it is constructive to develop the path that clears the way for that to become a way of life.

The journey to this dominion frequently comes through meditation.  Scientists have measured the frequencies of brain waives when in this deep state.  You are in a frequency that feels limitlessly expanded.  It may be reached through stillness and breathing or by repetitive movement or by prayer.  It may be visited in dreams, awake or sleeping.  The deeper the place that you create from, the fuller and richer the creation and manifestation.  It is best accessed through ease of breathing and letting go, like blowing a delicate feather into the wind.

Declarations-The Script of Creation

The key offered here is to bridge this deepest of internal states into the external manifest reality simultaneously as the Creator within and without.  It is at this moment and in this state that the spoken declarations can truly build a reality.  You are bridging the layers of self and uttering your Divine inner level."
The currents and frequency of your sounds are the intrinsic units with which all of creation has ever been built.  In some philosophies this is called Divine Utterances and, in others, the sound current of God, and still others, sounds of the naming of the Divine."

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Sending Thankful Praise Your Way

.Thanksgiving is the perfect time to share what you are thankful for.

 I am so grateful for your trust and support in every way. May you feel the blessings all around you for this Holiday of Gratitude.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Excerpt from "The Etheric Template"

"The choice to truly live one unified life that wholly elevates, creates, and moves forward and upward, honors inner Divinity.  It is practical, real, and available now.  What is most significant about understanding that karma and the etheric template are real influences in our physical lives?
The actual personality is not initial shaped by how our ego responds to basic needs and then presents that to the outside world as psychology suggests.  What has been recently shown is that the most fundamental structure providing the building blocks of the daily existence is a spiritual construct projected or "emanated" before, during, and after physical life.  This is the core that impacts all expressions of the Creator."
pages 31 and 32, The Principles of Dynamic Manifestation As Received Through the Akashic Records

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

What the Akashic Records say about 8/8/2019, "Lion's Gate"

I just received a notice about 8/8/2019 known as the "Lion's Gate" because of the intensity and fierceness of the aligned cosmic energy.  What is configured in the mind has a high potential for manifestation, so it is advisable to finely hone your positive thoughts and insights.

The image I am given in the Akashic Records is of a higher, radiant world with magnificent light moving closer to the physical world, which means that creations in the material world gain more illumination, as if the Divine Force becomes more apparent and available. Take a look at what you value the most and visualizing it expanding and being brighter, filled with glowing colors of sparkling light.  Experience the spiritual scent of these colors and forms like an ethereal bouquet of cosmics flowers.  Give as much reality to this beautiful world of your reality, and know that the Highest Force works with it now, coming to fruition on Thursday.  Be sure to see loved ones completely well and fully healed.  Animate your vision of Grace and Ease. Experience your heart opening to love this new reality.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

The Power of Grace

"The life-giving power that transforms all debt, no matter what it is experienced as, is grace.  Grace is the highest level of Omniscient energy that sweeps away everything so only one's essence can shine through.  No matter how dense or needy, this force transforms planets and people and is the closest unifying tide to return to the inner surge of God.  Grace is reunion to the Omniscient Creator." page 104

from The Principles of Dynamic Manifestation As Received Through the Akashic Records available on

Upcoming Level 1 Akashic Records Class June 23 & 24, 2019

Akashic Records Consultants International (ARCI)
 International Akashic Classes

Level 1 
Akashic Records Class
Live in Boynton Beach, FL 
Sun. June 23 & Mon. June 24, 2019
1:30pm - 6pm (both days required)

          By using the Sacred Prayer Method™ that vibrationally connects to this keenly sensitive level, Ellena accesses and holds the connection to The Akashic Records. From this profound vantage point, she assists and teaches others to receive in depth information about life, relationships and inner development and growth, as well as actualizing a meaningful life. This level is illumined with light, compassion, and wisdom.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

ARCI Conference 2019
Annual ARCI Conference
March 15-18, 2019
Location: Charleston, South Carolina

Pre-Conference: March 15 -- 10 am - 6 pm
"Sacred Activation through Levels of Light"
Presenter: Rose Marie Swanson

Deeper Observation -- "Here and Now"
Presenter: Ellena Lieberman
Plus a Surprise Presentation
Main Conference: March 16 and 17 -- 10 am - 6 pm

Saturday March 16
Self Awareness
Presenter: Wendy Sue Wahl

Sunday, March 17
Self Responsibility
Presenter: Rose Marie Swanson

Each day includes 1 and 1/2 hour lunch break
 Continuing Ed. for Certified Consultants & Certified Teachers
March 18, 10 am - 4 pm
Sacred Activation for Integration
Presenter: Rose Marie Swanson

Integration of Self Mastery into your
Akashic Records Business
Co-Taught by Judith Costa and Ellena Lieberman

Specialty items will be available during conference:
Now Back In Print!
Mary Parker's Book,
A New Beginning from an Ancient Source: My Journey into the Akashic Records
Special Conference Price: $10.00
Available outside of Conference: $15.00

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Celebrate the Season with Joy

Season's greetings to you!
May Light and Peace Fill Your Life!
Thank You for All Your Care and Support!
May the New Year Bring Radiant Health, Joy and Deep Peace in All You Do!
May You Be Blessed with Divine Grace Always

With Gratitude,
Ellena Lynn Lieberman

Monday, December 10, 2018

The Life-Giving Power that Transforms

In this coming year, it is possible to be truly blessed and transform all debt, financial or Karmic into peace, joy and harmony.

Page 104
"The life-giving power that transforms all debt, no matter what it is experienced as, is grace.  Grace is the highest level of Omniscient energy that sweeps away everything so only one's essence can shine through.  No matter how dense or needy, this force transforms planets and people and is the closest tide to return to the inner surge of God.  Grace is reunion to the Omniscient Creator."
from The Principles of Dynamic Manifestation As Received Through the Akashic Records

Sunday, December 9, 2018

New Intensives for 2019 - The Keys to Inspired Living

(ARCI) Akashic Records Consultants International LLC

     Sun. January 13, 2019
1pm-5pm EST
Brought to you on Zoom and Live in Florida

Fee: $100.

(requisite: ARCI Level 1)
  • Shift patterns that no longer support you in relationships, behavior, life’s work, or health.
  • Complete ancestral influences so you evolve, develop and grow.
  • Discover the Sacred Presence within You.
  • Expand your sense of deep peace and love through Divine Grace.


Ellena Lieberman, teacher for 29 years and founding partner and lifetime member of

Akashic Records Consultants International LLC (ARCI)

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

In Thanksgiving,Your Authentic Heart Sings A Message of Oneness for All

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so grateful for my soul to live in a body which feels.  With each day I know the Divine gives me the ability to become kinder and more compassionate.  I choose today to walk on the path which will expand the love and light in my life, and God supports me through the wonders and miracles of being alive.  Thank you, God, for bringing love into my life.

We are asked from the Akashic Records to move inward, where we can journey into the heart in a sacred inner space within, in silence, to feel all that is present for us in our bodies and our shelters around us, all our abilities and above all, the breath from the Divine that gives life to every moment, completely anew with each and every breath.  Think of it, each breath is brand new, pure and never breathed before.  Just the same as when you were first born.  First born in every breath into this moment to create from our essence.  Every moment and second, you can experience a rebirth and new beginning from the Force that gives life to all as one.

Abundance Mandala by Roni Reisler

From "The Principles of Dynamic Manifestation As Received Through the Akashic Record"s:

Praise and Gratitude are two of the most exhilarating transformational forces that shift energy and consciousness.  Dense levels of thought are completely dropped during the focus of this state of mind.  Energy and fullness flood the heart with positive direction.  Let everyone you know in this world and in higher worlds that you thank them for loving you so much.

The expression of praise and gratitude have no limits in your personal life.  The waves of the heart rise up in proclaimed exuberance through this verbal expression.  Write down everything and anything you feel thankful for and then write some more! Shower blessings on all that you feel inspired to touch and uplift.  Do not wait until a beloved person has left this earth.  Let each aspect of your life know how valuable it is to your heart.  Include your own life to yourself.  If there are those who have passed on, write to them beyond time and space.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Beyond Your Goals to The Authentic Inner Being

The Akashic Records may be accessed to lift many barriers or illusions, shift patterns of behavior that do not support us in our lives right now, reveal practical wisdom on health and decisions, reveal underlying issues from this incarnation or any other.

However, in the long run, there are ever deepening awarenesses into spiritual domains that we can delve into through the Masters, Teachers and Loved one of The Akashic Records. After accessing the Akashic Records for 28 years, the true benefits are:
1.  Identifying a deep reverence for each life and making new, positive choices from this profound connection.
2.  Letting go of patterns that prevent each person from being their pure authentic self in integrity.
3.  Creating a life of harmony where gratitude and forgiveness open the heart to a new level of balance.

I love this photo because the colors remind me of spiritual colors of the higher world which hold much joy

Ellena Lieberman, A Founding partner of ARCI and Teacher for 28 years

The Records are Now Open

What if you lived each moment with clarity that your perfect pattern from your soul was truly being expressed in your physical actions right now? 

Why should the Akashic Records work be taught?
Accessing the Akashic Records:

1.  Returns people to the inner state of purity and connection.
2.  Brings back the feeling of who you truly are.
3.  Opens your heart to your authentic innocence.
4.  Moves your attention and focus to the true inner voice
5.  Allows a new source of recognition to flow.  You can create from a deep space of love and respect.
6.  Opens the inner realms to feel reverence for Divine Creation.
7.  Frees you to be open to receive.
8.  Shows you a pure creative reality.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Here is a note from Judith Marin Costa who will be co-teaching
ARCI Level I with Ellena,

I want to invite you to the class on how to open your own Akashic Records, that I will teach with Ellena Lieberman, founding partner of the Akashic Records Consultants International (ARCI), and an international teacher for 28 years.
Don't miss this amazing opportunity and register now. 

The ARCI Level I International Akashic Records Class, will be in
Miami, FL, June 23 & 24, 2018
10:30am - 6pm

See the details below if you want to register. You can attend the class live, or via Zoom (online). The group is limited to 12 participants.
 Register and pay on Judith's website, click HERE.

Learn How To Access Your Own Akashic Records Using the Sacred Prayer Method(tm.)
Being able to open your own Akashic Records will allow you to obtain concrete answers to your questions, healing and guidance. You can ask anything in the Records about your life, your personal relationships, health, finances..., and also about people related to you, and you will receive your answers, because you can access the information written in the book of your soul. 

Many of my clients have learned how to open their own Akashic Records because it is a great way to do inner work. If you want answers to important issues in your life and need guidance, you will get it through the Akashic Records. You can receive the information and energy that will allow you to overcome any obstacle in your life. I can tell you this because this is exactly my experience and what happened in my life.

When: 23rd & 24th of June 10.30 am - 6 pm (both days required)
Where: 2451 Brickell Avenue. Miami, FL 33129 Map & Directions
Price: $325 (lunch included)

If you have any question you can send an email to - or call Ellena, 773-301-7573, or Judith 646-204-4535.

Meet Judith and Ellena
Ellena Lieberman
Ellena Lynn Lieberman has devoted more than 25 years inspiring others to realize inner growth through the transformational process of accessing The Akashic Records. She is the author of "The Principles of Dynamic Manifestation As Received Through the Akashic Records." Her sensitivity to internal spiritual forces that shape all physical reality has afforded her widespread public notice. She has appeared on national and local broadcast media throughout North and South America. Ellena has personally taught and mentored several generations of teachers through her Akashic Records classes. Ellena is a founding member and partner of ARCI, Akashic Records Consultants International.

Ellena  Lieberman
Judith Costa
Judith Costa is a certified Unconditional Love Coach, Seminar Leader, Writer and Speaker, with a Master in Psychology and Psychotherapy and an MBA. She works with groups, companies, and individuals, both online and in person, to help them overcome their blocks to Love, to know themselves better, and to achieve their dreams. She uses different techniques such as Coaching, Past Life Regression Therapy, The Akashic Records, Astrology and Dreams. Judith offers workshops, trainings, talks, and retreats around the world. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

ARCI Conference March 16-18, 2018

Don't forget to remember: 
This year's Conference theme is 

Dates Are:
March 16, 2018: Pre-Conference - 
Creativity To Dig Deeper presented by Wendy Sue Wahl and Roni Reisler
March 17-18, 2018: Main Conference - 
Looking At Your Life Through The Lens Of The Akashic Records presented by Dahna Fox; 
Letting Go Of The Past To A New Level Of Love presented by Rose Marie Swanson; 
Letting Go To The Vaster You presented by Ellena Lieberman; 
Guest Speaker Greg Zera.
March 19, 2018 is Continued Education for ARCI Certified Teachers and Consultants, 
Balance Between Professional and Personal Life presented by Wendy Sue Wahl, and 
Building Your Business presented by Ellena Lieberman

Cost is $175.00 per day. You can apply your 10% discount if you are a member.

We are Zooming! If you wish to attend physically, please contact Rose Marie Swanson for special arrangements. There is limited space, and no food menu is planned. 

Teachers and Consultants, please share the conference information with fellow students, Teachers and Consultants.
It promises to be a wonderful event, with our new Zoom format!