The Principles of Dynamic Manifestation As Received Through the Akashic Records

The Principles of Dynamic Manifestation As Received Through the Akashic Records
Live from the Supernal Heart of Your Soul

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Money As True Golden Radiance

This powerful process will be used in the sseminar on March 20 & 21 at SpringHill Suites, 8101 W. Higgins, Chicago Il.

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Quick Review of Opening Paragraphs of:
Chapter 6 - Money

Principles 24–28

1. Financial wealth is abundantly part of our lives when it is honored and loved as a constant loving ray from God expressed in material form.

2. Monetary wealth is support directly from God in a way that we can understand and know fully in material life. As a powerful and dynamic support flowing from the God within and without, we are given an extraordinary opportunity. Our vital energy and constant loving voice can be extended by way of the soul into the outer world through the material form of money. The accumulation is part of physical security, coming from listening to the constant loving inner voice of creation and acting from that awareness in the physical world. As part of the nurturance, a consistent permanent part of having a personality on earth, we embrace and love the presence of this way of love. We love having it part of the voice of the soul. When the presence of financial wealth is a significant part of the love of being in creation, the money actually conveys the energy of great blessing within and around us, internally and externally. We share it from a heartfelt place with others and bless our lives with it for ourselves, exactly as we do with the inner voice of the higher love that comes from the inner God. The financial wealth is another true path for the radiance of God.

Workshop Process Three: Money as True Golden Radiance
(Process Ten on page 58 in the book: Money as True Golden Radiance)

The statement of this principle kicks up incredible reactions. Immediately there will be those who know of all kinds of “rich” people ranging from criminals, drug “lords” in the news, braggarts, and just plain mean, bossy people with a lot of money, “who do they think they are?” etc. etc. etc.
This principle is given in a pure, innocent form. It is in total harmony with clear beneficence on all levels: spiritually, emotionally, physically, and materially. When manifestation occurs from intentions other than the ascended loving Spirit of the Universe, the individuals may be financially wealthy, but their authentic concerns will amplify and restructure their lives. Perhaps it will appear in some form of imprisonment in another area of their existence as the potent energy of financial wealth radiates harmonically outwards.
When the authentic concerns come from an inner sense of sacred and adored life flowing from blessing, however, the powerful sphere of radiance from financial wealth sets into motion harmonic waves that propel life into new heights of joy, creativity, and reward.

1. Write down all the beliefs you have about money that do not fully support your joy, creativity, and reward. Include all the beliefs you have ever heard about money being bad or unspiritual. Write down all the reasons you think you don’t have money. Read them. Throw out the ones that you no longer believe in.

2. Select a religious symbol that has great positive spiritual meaning to you such as a cross, a prayer stone, a holy book, a Star of David, something on a personal altar or anything you hold sacred. Is there anything in you that stops you from allowing money to convey the blessing of this symbol? Elaborate on it. Write it down. Remember, you are not being asked to worship money as you would The Almighty God. You are opening a clear internal pathway through inner awareness that all forms of money, including every penny in your old piggy bank, directly contains a ray of God’s love coming through your inner experience of the depth of feeling of your life. The worth of your life is beyond measure, so the expanse of wealth endlessly radiates when perceived in this elevated position.

3. Develop a written positive declaration that describes and praises the position of financial wealth in your heart and soul. Make this as elaborate or simple as you wish. You may choose to record the declaration or change recordings in the days to come.