The Principles of Dynamic Manifestation As Received Through the Akashic Records

The Principles of Dynamic Manifestation As Received Through the Akashic Records
Live from the Supernal Heart of Your Soul

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New York Time's Best Seller "Love For No Reason" Brings Untold Blessing!

I am still thrilled that international top selling author Marci Shimoff, included me in the ranks of "Love Luminaries" in her new book,
Love For No Reason. She highlights her wonderful consultation I gave her and my book, The Principles of Dynamic Manifestation As Received Through the Akashic Records in her new book on unconditional love, as well as featuring the diagram of grace points we use in our organization Akashic Record Consultants International. These grace points were originally received by Edward Comney, a friend and associate for 21 years, and truly a man of grace and Divine Connection.

Far beyond her glowing endorsement, it was through her book,
Love For No Reason,that I was found and contacted by a client who was searching for me for 20 years. As unbelievable as it seems, when you read this testimonial by Sparkie Lovejoy, you will see how inexplicably lives and destinies are intertwined long before the enactments occur in physical life.

Here are the words of Sparkie Lovejoy:

"I received an Akashic Records reading from Ellena in the early 1990's.

I was in my 20's. I had a rough up bringing; I had quit drinking, joined a 12 step program and began living a better life.

My aunt suggested I see Ellena. Ellena told me she saw me standing in front of large groups of people and that sparks were coming out of my heart and igniting each person in the audience. I thought, “How amazing would that be???”… But me? Who am I? I highly doubted it. She also told me I wouldn't be doing my big work until I was 60. I went on with my life trying to find my calling. I went from job to job as I felt guided, but never felt like I had arrived at my WORK. There were no signs that Ellena's vision was going to come true. In 2004, I decided to join Toastmasters to improve my communication skills, just in case what she said would come to be. Now, in 2011, I have just begun speaking to people about the healing power of love and laughter, helping them have more of it in their lives. Here it is. The vision has come to pass.

In 2005, my 1yr old son and I almost drowned. We were at our little lake in Santa Rosa, CA, called Spring Lake. My baby son fell off the pier! I waited for him to turn around and come to the surface. He didn't. I watched his feet disappear. I frantically jumped in to save him thinking it was probably 5 ft deep. I caught him by the ankle, luckily, turned him around and began pushing him up to the surface of the water. As I was trying to lift my son out of the water, I seemed to be sinking deeper. I couldn't touch the bottom. I was in way over my head. I had my arms stretched up over my head (I'm 7 1/2 feet when I stretch my arms out). I was running out of breath. I was sure my son must be breathing in water by now because I was about to. I just couldn't get us up out of the water. I accepted defeat. I thought, "God, Are we really going to die like this?" After a pause, the thought occurred to me, "It can't be. I'm not even going to be doing my big work until I'm 60, according to Ellena, and I'm only 40." As soon as I thought that, the weight of my son was lifted off of me and I swam up to the surface, gasping for air. A teenager had found us, pulled my son out of the water which allowed me to rise up and breathe.

The vision I received from Ellena gave me hope through hard times in my life when I felt lost and wondered why I was on this planet. It gave me a sense of purpose; maybe there is a God who has a plan for me and my life. No matter how bad my current situation was, I had hope that good, big work was ahead for me, so I kept plodding on in this life. I seriously hoped she was right. 20 years later, the image she shared with me is finally manifesting itself. I bought the book and training program of
Marci Shimoff, Love For No Reason. I finished reading the book and looked through the resources in the back and saw Ellena's name listed there. I thought back to my reading with her from 20 years before and gave silent thanks that it was manifesting now.

Thank you Ellena for the work you do. The hope I got from that reading gave me a reason to live when I didn't have one. I wish others this same gift of knowledge of soul purpose. I finally got clear that my purpose is Love and Joy. Ellena knew it years before it was revealed to me.
I am blessed by experiencing Ellena's gift."

In moments when I question my direction, this gift of purpose gives great meaning to the unconditional loving flow of working in the Akashic Records.

May you be Filled in Every Way with Unconditional Love!