The Principles of Dynamic Manifestation As Received Through the Akashic Records

The Principles of Dynamic Manifestation As Received Through the Akashic Records
Live from the Supernal Heart of Your Soul

Monday, December 15, 2014

A Robe of Light

December 15 Morning Post from The Akashic Records

In this holiday season, we see many pictures of robed figures in many beautiful or joyous  colors.  Consider the possibility that these powerful archetypes or significant biblical figures are garbed in cloaks of light that "embrace" each one as a loving mantle of protection and signify the Divine purpose of their mission.

Notably, we see the Blessed Mother Mary in flowing robes of white to blue in many depictions, signifying the purity of light into very high frequency.  Her Crown in bathed in Golden Sacred light, in in certain depictions, her aura is in Sacred Red and Gold.  Similarly, the Christ child is bathed in the Golden Essence of Holiness, which was a great mission he personified, in elevating mankind to touch the Divine in themselves.

At this time of year, the story of Joseph is read in the Jewish tradition.  Well known for his coat of many colors, he signifies carrying the mantle of working through many levels of reality and many worlds to bring healing and vision to the world.  He carried and understood domains of illusion, but was never part of those worlds, yet he worked through them for truth.

Last of all is the popular folk hero, beloved Santa Claus.  Dressed in a pure red edged in white, he represents the elevation of joyous light, the height of clear rubies, that brings kindness and giving into our hearts freely and with love.

We can all move into our hearts through meditation and ask to a beloved Master to come forward and surround us with the inner chamber in radiant color that we need right now for healing and elevation.

Have a Joyous Holiday within your soul and without in the world!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Shining the Divine Light Inward to Your Sacred Inner Space

December 12, 2014 Morning Message from The Akashic Records

The Inner Temple of Sacredness Shines with Golden Light in  Your Heart
When we act from a place of deep centeredness from our own hearts, a whole new life is placed before us.  This innermost chamber in the core of the energetic heart, physically located in the upper center of our chests, contains the wisdom of our soul in union with God.  It is not the sentimental heart, which richly brings us value and deep feeling, but an even deeper area where we hold consistent compassion and grace.  We can focus on it in quiet, still moments, and turn to it for the reunion with the Divine.  It is the point of deep reverence for our lives and the life of all.

The magnificent lights of the holiday season are symbols of this deep inner state of illumination.  This internal light is brilliant and eternal.  Welcome the opportunity to cultivate the awareness and focus of the inner, most powerful beacon.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Welcome the Blessings in Your Life in 2015

May the Joy of this Blessed Holiday Season be the Gateway to a New World of Radiance in 2015.
The New Morning Post from The Akashic Records by Ellena
In this holiday season, everything is decorated with lights, sparkle and candles.  This glittering seasonal world is designed to set it apart from the rest of the year.  The excitement of brilliant light and celebration lifts our hopes and raises our mood.  Giving seems easier.  We are filled with brightness and a desire to connect with people through sharing and gifts.

Intrinsic to the nature of our souls is a deep recognition of light.  A light that seems beyond physical rationale, filled with emanation.  As we approach higher vibrations of light, we experience other realms filled with radiance.  At the core of our being, we recognize this light as love.  A love that is unconditional and a deep inner state.  When we approach our soul nature, and move closer to inner Divinity, we exist in a state of love.  At this level, there is deep joy and peace.  Joy and peace become qualities that sustain the flow of love. 

We can choose to expand our awareness of the inner state of love by opening to deep internal direction from our essence, the underlying quality from God which is our authentic soul signature.
In working with the Akashic Records for 25 years, the pathway to very high and deep levels of Divine Light and the direction  has evolved for me. Although each person develops in his or her own way, I am confident that the Akashic Records calling can support anyone on the way to spiritual reunion if open to this remarkable process.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

ARCI Level II Akashic Record Class Delray Beach, FL

Akashic Records Consultants International LLC (ARCI)

(ARCI) Level II Class  

Learn to Access Another's Akashic Record

The archive of their Soul for profound inner development and

 life direction.

Using the Sacred Prayer Method, answer questions about purpose, recurring patterns, and relationships for another person.  Discover how Grace can shift the perspective towards clarity and peace.  Receive information to support transformation for one another.

Taught by Ellena Lynn Lieberman at

Ellena has taught Akashic Record Classes for over 23 years in North and South America. She is presently located in Florida.
 Saturday, June 7 and Sunday, June 8, 2014
Both Days Required
 10:30am - 6pm
Lunch will be served
 FEE:  $275.00  Deposit of $100 by May 15
Join us at:  The Duncan Conference Center
                    15820 S. Military Trail
                    Delray Beach, FL  33484
 For more information go to:

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dynamic Manifestation at Unity on the Bay March 9, 2014

"The Principles of Dynamic Manifestation As Received Through the Akashic Records"
March 9, 2014
An Introductory Workshop
Unity On the Bay
411 NE 21st Street
Miami, Florida 33137
Suggested Love Offering: $25.00
Discover these dynamic processes to help you manifest the life that truly eminates from your soul.
Selections will be based these chapters in the book:
Book pages 27-28
This experience supports participants in understanding that from one’s essence creating more dense energy, that the intangible etheric template sets the map for one’s very existence/
2.  Process: The Dramatic Epic of Pre-Biblical Sacrifice
How we can let go of the dramas we hold and receive of Divine Love and Grace with much fuller empowerment and loving support from the Divine.
Book pages 43-44
3.  Process from Chapter 5: Praise, Gratitude and Adoration
Process Seven: Proclaiming Exuberant Gratitude
Book pages 47-49
In this exercise one speaks dramatic verbal expression of praise for energetic elevation and love.
4.  Declarations of Dynamic Manifestation
Book pages 63-66
In this experience we actually prepare and declare the life of dynamic manifestation.
5.  Process: Money as True Golden Radiance
Book pages 57-59
This is the event in which the class releases all the limiting beliefs about money.
6.  Process: Using Grace to Lift Financial Debt
Book pages 105-113
Using the system of prayers and Grace points from the Akashic Records to release debt by letting go to the Divine, and receive the unconditional beautiful energy of God’s Grace. The class also becomes aware of underlying patterns holding them in their position

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Level IV Professional Akashic Record Class

The Akashic Records Consultants International LLC Level IV Professional Class
taught by Ellena Lynn Lieberman, author and teacher for 23 years, is being taught in Palm Beach, Florida
starting on January 19, 2014, 12noon Eastern - 6pm Eastern.
This class is for students who have taken ARCI Levels I,II, III and intend to make the Akashic Records work an integral part of their lives. It includes individuals who are seriously considering becoming a certified consultant or teacher of the ARCI lineage.
We are asked to work in our journals throughout this time to examine how we intend to experience working in the Akashic Records in our lives in honesty.
Behavior, relationships, and livelyhood are focused on for an authentic vision of how we intend to live fully with the Akashic Records in our day to day existence. The reference point that we hold is reverence and Grace in all endeavors in the Akashic Records. As we grow and evolve, we hope to have this wisdom be at the core of our inner life and outer actions.
Class Structure: (Please attend all scheduled sessions)
1. The first day we will be physically together in Palm Beach.
2. A one-on-one session will be scheduled between each class participant and Ellena. This can be live, on the phone or by Skype.
3. The third session will be scheduled between two participants in the class for deeper clarity. The consultation can be live, Skyped or on the phone.
4. A final group class will be on conference call scheduled for the last week in January during a full evening. The number will be given to participants. In this session we will work with the "Love" seat. The group opens the Akashic Records of each person to move into completion of the class for the greatest depth.
5. Certificates will be sent through the mail.