The Principles of Dynamic Manifestation As Received Through the Akashic Records

The Principles of Dynamic Manifestation As Received Through the Akashic Records
Live from the Supernal Heart of Your Soul

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Give yourself The Gift of a New Beginning

A holy man in the ancient scripture wrote:
"From this Moment On, I declare a New Beginning"
He would often begin anew many times in a single day if he felt himself moving backwards, falling away from his devotional path..
He wrote: "The beginning is the main thing, for all beginnings are difficult...a person's functioning goes according to the power and enthusiasm that he invested at the beginning...therefore, a person must always make a new beginning, for the old beginning might not have been as good as it should have been."....The Chassidic Sage, Rebbe Nachman of Breslev.
In the January ARCI Level I Akashic Records Class , January, 2018 just one of the "New Beginning"
gifts you will receive is the tools of Grace and Forgiveness. 
You will be given the support to declare your new beginning with a new joy and enthusiasm.

Monday, November 27, 2017

ARCI Akashic Record Level I International on Zoom

Akashic Records Consultants International, LLC
Level I International Akashic Record Class January, 2018

Taught by Ellena Lynn Lieberman
International Teacher for 27 years and founding partner of ARCI

January 7, Sunday, 11am – 3pm Eastern
January 8, Monday, 7 – 10pm Eastern
January 9, Tuesday, 7-10pm Eastern
(All days required)
Brought to you on Zoom

By using the Sacred Prayer Method™ that vibrationally connects to this keenly sensitive level, Ellena accesses and holds the connection to The Akashic Records. From this profound vantage point, she assists and teaches others to receive in depth information about life, relationships and inner development and growth, as well as actualizing a meaningful life. This level is illumined with light, compassion, and wisdom.

Level I Learn to Access Your Own Akashic Records
Using the Sacred Prayer Method™, experience and hold the connection to The Akashic Record of your own soul. 
  • Through questions, delve into your pure authentic self, your true essence inscribed from the Divine.
  •  Experience the power of journaling your answers as you deepen into the heartfelt knowledge. 
  •  Shift patterns that no longer support you in relationships, behavior, life’s work, or health.
  •  By choosing Grace in all things, expand your sense of deep peace and love.
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Dynamic-Manifestation-Akashic Record Consultation

Warmest Holiday Greeting Specials from the Heart

Start 2018 with Abundance and Love,
Praise and Gratitude
Blessings from Ellena Lieberman

Book Special
Akashic Record-Dynamic Manifestation Consultation with book
One and 1/2 Hour initial session
Plus New
1/2 hour coaching follow-up
Real techniques to live in abundance and joy that are part of your life.

Using Declarations, Gratitude and Praise we elevate our lives in expansion and harmony.

In my book in an effort to explain the Divine being within us and also the infinite One, I developed the term ‘Inner’ and “outer” God.
Page 37,
“The ego self manifests its life in form, time, and movement in the world.  Ego concerns include the nurturance of a sense of well-being, maintaining a comfortable quality of life, and survival.  The inner God, however, exists in a state of perpetual being.  Simultaneously the living spirit is intimately infused into all realms we internally experience (emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental).
The inner God is capable of miraculous manifestation that could be beyond any natural order in the usual sense since it is part of the Omniscient One.  Once we know this we do not have to understand how something will happen.  Instead, focus on being identified with the inner God who exists in totality, aligned with our being at one with self,.  The Force of your life is so intermeshed with all aspects of your being that you cannot fully know it or separate from it.”

Regarding Grace…
Page 44,
In grace you sacrifice the potent, rushing energetic impact of held blame, anger, and self-recrimination and receive of a limitless, infinite expanse of Divine Love in a pure direct form.
Page 55,
Ask to be shown your soul aspect that is wedded to you in Omniscience.  This amount of union and love is the inner voice that consistently escorts you and allows you to know you are filled and never alone and constantly cherished.  It is entirely a positive, non-critical, unconditionally loving voice of the soul who loves you as God’s child