The Principles of Dynamic Manifestation As Received Through the Akashic Records

The Principles of Dynamic Manifestation As Received Through the Akashic Records
Live from the Supernal Heart of Your Soul

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

In Thanksgiving,Your Authentic Heart Sings A Message of Oneness for All

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so grateful for my soul to live in a body which feels.  With each day I know the Divine gives me the ability to become kinder and more compassionate.  I choose today to walk on the path which will expand the love and light in my life, and God supports me through the wonders and miracles of being alive.  Thank you, God, for bringing love into my life.

We are asked from the Akashic Records to move inward, where we can journey into the heart in a sacred inner space within, in silence, to feel all that is present for us in our bodies and our shelters around us, all our abilities and above all, the breath from the Divine that gives life to every moment, completely anew with each and every breath.  Think of it, each breath is brand new, pure and never breathed before.  Just the same as when you were first born.  First born in every breath into this moment to create from our essence.  Every moment and second, you can experience a rebirth and new beginning from the Force that gives life to all as one.

Abundance Mandala by Roni Reisler

From "The Principles of Dynamic Manifestation As Received Through the Akashic Record"s:

Praise and Gratitude are two of the most exhilarating transformational forces that shift energy and consciousness.  Dense levels of thought are completely dropped during the focus of this state of mind.  Energy and fullness flood the heart with positive direction.  Let everyone you know in this world and in higher worlds that you thank them for loving you so much.

The expression of praise and gratitude have no limits in your personal life.  The waves of the heart rise up in proclaimed exuberance through this verbal expression.  Write down everything and anything you feel thankful for and then write some more! Shower blessings on all that you feel inspired to touch and uplift.  Do not wait until a beloved person has left this earth.  Let each aspect of your life know how valuable it is to your heart.  Include your own life to yourself.  If there are those who have passed on, write to them beyond time and space.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Beyond Your Goals to The Authentic Inner Being

The Akashic Records may be accessed to lift many barriers or illusions, shift patterns of behavior that do not support us in our lives right now, reveal practical wisdom on health and decisions, reveal underlying issues from this incarnation or any other.

However, in the long run, there are ever deepening awarenesses into spiritual domains that we can delve into through the Masters, Teachers and Loved one of The Akashic Records. After accessing the Akashic Records for 28 years, the true benefits are:
1.  Identifying a deep reverence for each life and making new, positive choices from this profound connection.
2.  Letting go of patterns that prevent each person from being their pure authentic self in integrity.
3.  Creating a life of harmony where gratitude and forgiveness open the heart to a new level of balance.

I love this photo because the colors remind me of spiritual colors of the higher world which hold much joy

Ellena Lieberman, A Founding partner of ARCI and Teacher for 28 years

The Records are Now Open

What if you lived each moment with clarity that your perfect pattern from your soul was truly being expressed in your physical actions right now? 

Why should the Akashic Records work be taught?
Accessing the Akashic Records:

1.  Returns people to the inner state of purity and connection.
2.  Brings back the feeling of who you truly are.
3.  Opens your heart to your authentic innocence.
4.  Moves your attention and focus to the true inner voice
5.  Allows a new source of recognition to flow.  You can create from a deep space of love and respect.
6.  Opens the inner realms to feel reverence for Divine Creation.
7.  Frees you to be open to receive.
8.  Shows you a pure creative reality.